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October 2022 CREW Luncheon: “Carbon Reduction: Just a “Buzz Word” or Can We Make a Difference?!”
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October 2022 CREW Luncheon: “Carbon Reduction: Just a “Buzz Word” or Can We Make a Difference?!”

October 2022 CREW Luncheon: “Carbon Reduction: Just a “Buzz Word” or Can We Make a Difference?!”

Submitted by Kim Marks


Ashley Hess, a Workplace Strategy Program Manager at Duke Energy responsible for workplace standards across the company’s non-generation real estate portfolio, started the program off with an overview of Duke’s goals and steps we can each take to make a difference in our environment.


Duke Energy’s goals:

  • By 2030 cut CO2 emissions by at least 50%
  • By 2050 attain net-zero CO2 emissions
  • Duke is currently beating the US electric utility industry average by achieving more than 44% reductions since 2005.


Six steps each of us can make today to offset carbon emissions:

  1. Use Duke Energy’s Carbon Emissions calculator to calculate your company’s emissions. Go to
  2. Calculate your companies’ operational emissions & establish annual targets for reduction, monitor and track thru the year.
  3. Prioritize construction materials as an area for improvement to reduce embodied carbon by reusing materials & buildings, using less carbon intensive materials, and fewer finishings.
  4. Divert construction waste from the landfill by establishing a evaluating the current process and create an action plan which is monitored.
  5. Evaluate opportunities for onsite renewable energy generation at your facilities.
  6. Consider whether or not an electric vehicle fleet can lower your operating costs. Learn more here


Landon Williams, an energy efficiency and building science expert is currently the Program Manager for SmartPath program, followed Ashley focusing on several efficiency programs currently being offered by Duke Energy to help companies work towards achieving carbon reduction goals through design assistance for new construction and building retrofits.

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, they have multiple programs outlined on their energy efficiency website for everything from multi-family programs to energy assessments to Energy Advisors. All information can be found here The Smart Saver Rebate program is one that leverages low interest loans in order for you to upgrade equipment/technology. Duke Energy understands that it is cheaper to offer reduced kw’s than build new plants so they are very focused on being your partner thru this endeavor.


Click here for a copy of their presentation.

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