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Member Spotlight

Morgan Grohol

Current job:  Project Manager, Land/Site

Summary of your role in the company:

  • Plan, lead, execute, and manage all aspects of a project life cycle to ensure superior quality deliverables and Client satisfaction.
  • Manage scope, schedule, and budget for BGE Charlotte office Industrial market portfolio.
  • Learn and apply functional standards, procedures, trends, technology, and criteria to enhance project and technical staff performance.
  • Engage in activities that build Client trust and lead to profitable outcomes for BGE.

How I chose my occupation:  I always knew I wanted my job to include what I studied in college. I ‘speed-dated’ all the academic departments and I thought the civil engineering department was full of moral, ethical, level-headed, and fun human beings. I picked civil engineering because these were the type of people I wanted to share my life with, and they embodied everything I wanted to be.

Years in the business: 12 years

My specialization is:   Project Management, Financial Management, Process Improvement, Talent Management, Client Management

A good lead for me is:  Developers, Brokers, Economic Developers, Design/Build General Contractors

The most satisfying part of my job is: Helping BGE’s Clients define their goals and requirements for a project and assembling a project team to produce quality planning, civil design, and survey products.

Best leadership advice I have been given:  Statement to a former boss: “I’m not sure what to do.” Former boss: “Most of the time, the most important thing for you to do is show up and be there. Take care of your personnel, and they will take care of what needs to be done.”

Greatest professional achievement:  Serving as an Air Force Officer and getting the opportunity to act as a Base Civil Engineer in a contingency environment.

Number of years with CREW: 1.25 years

Most significant CREW connection: The Community Outreach Committee

Place of birth/hometown: Charlotte, NC

Number of years in Charlotte:   21 years

Family: Husband

My ideal vacation spot: Where the mountains meet the water

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, hiking, water sports, swimming, gardening, reading, spending time with family

Other professional organizations I belong to: Junior Charity League of Concord

I wish I could:  Fly…slip the surly bounds of earth and dance the sky on laughter-silvered wings…climb sunward…chase the shouting wind along…and top the windswept heights with easy grace.

Lindsey Kormelink
Mill Creek Residential

Current job:  Development Administrator

Summary of your role in the company: My primary responsibility is supporting the multifamily development team with the administration of all development projects including market research, feasibility studies, underwriting, due diligence, assisting with real estate and loan closings, monthly reporting, processing invoices, and monthly draws.

How I chose my occupation: Studied in Central Illinois and graduated in May of 2022. I was not initially sure of my career path but did know I wanted to live in Charlotte. I spent the majority of my senior year researching different jobs and industries in the area. The real estate industry quickly caught my attention and felt like the best fit because of the people. I look forward to growing in my career with the goal of becoming a real estate developer.

Years in the business: 2

My specialization is: Multifamily Development

A good lead for me is: Brokers to source development opportunities and provide insight on the market.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Seeing the conceptual plans and renderings come to life throughout the design, entitlement, and construction of the project. I find it very rewarding to see all of the moving pieces come together.

Best leadership advice I have been given: You do not have to be in a designated leadership role to serve as a leader.

 Greatest professional achievement:  Being selected for my current role is my greatest achievement so far. My current position is how I joined the industry and has taught me so much in such a short time. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow within my role by taking on more responsibility.

Number of years with CREW: 1.5

Most significant CREW connection: My mentor, Laura Roberts. I am currently participating in CREW’s 2024 Mentorship program. She has made navigating my early career much less intimidating. I am grateful for her and the program aiding my personal and professional growth.

Place of birth/hometown: Decatur, Illinois

Number of years in Charlotte: 2

Family: I am the youngest of 4, aunt to 3 nephews, my boyfriend, and Cowboy (golden retriever)

My ideal vacation spot: Anywhere in the mountains or by the beach

Hobbies/Interests: I love being active and spending time outside whether I am hiking, walking on the rail trail, biking on the greenway, or relaxing with a good book. I am currently attempting to learn how to play golf.

Jenn Reasinger
Langan Engineering

Current job:  Marketing Manager/Business Development

Summary of your role in the company: Provide marketing support to multiple offices and nationwide initiatives including renewable energy and digital solutions. Provide business development support to our Charlotte office.

How I chose my occupation: I started my career as a secretary 24 years ago, and marketing just came about naturally. I was blessed to have a boss who never put me in a box – he just kept introducing different tasks to me, and it really helped grow my skill set.

Years in the business: 24

My specialization is:   Proposal development.

A good lead for me is:  Anyone who is looking for a skilled team of land development engineers, surveyors, digital solutions and CRE professionals.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Managing proposal development. I love seeing a proposal come together and working under the pressure of a deadline.

Best leadership advice I have been given:  The best leaders lead with compassion.

Greatest professional achievement:  With my first employer, I was nominated as the “Most Cooperative Employee” every year for all 19 years I was there (and I won the award six times).

Number of years with CREW: 1.5

Most significant CREW connection: I would say my whole Authentic Leadership cohort! It was an amazing experience for me – both personally and professionally. Now when I walk into a CREW event, I almost always know someone in the room.

Place of birth/hometown: Kutztown, Pennsylvania 

Number of years in Charlotte: 1 

Family: My husband, Jay, plus our four dogs, two cats, and two guinea pigs! 

My ideal vacation spot:  Home! We live in a rural mountainous area on 7 acres. There is nowhere else I want to be! It is so serene, quiet and peaceful.

Hobbies/Interests: I have been involved with animal rescue groups for over 15 years. It is hard seeing the terrible ways some animals are treated. Even if you can only help one animal, it is a life-changing experience for that animal. All of our pets were “foster failures”.

Other professional organizations I belong to: AMFP 

I wish I could: Make sure that every animal had a loving home.

Dana Silvers
Beck Archtecture

Current job:  Architect

Summary of your role in the company: I am primarily a project architect and project manager working on large-scale projects that range from high-end office buildings to hospitals in various states and in the Bahamas. I began my career in our Dallas office and recently moved to Charlotte.

How I chose my occupation: In elementary school I wanted to be an architect because I loved to build and create. Even though I had a passion for it at a young age, I wasn’t exposed to the world of Architecture during high school. When I was preparing for college, all the programs I applied to were for engineering except for one. It took one high school counselor setting up a job shadowing session with a great local architect for me to know that in the end, I wanted to be an architect. Had it not been for that mentor my life I may not have come back to the world of architecture.

Years in the business: 9 years

My specialization is: Office Buildings and Office Campus as well as Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics

A good lead for me is: A developer that is focused on Commercial, Multi-family, or mixed-use developments as well as Higher Education and Healthcare institutions.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Working through a detail with the construction team or developing a concept that solves a problem for the owners.

Best leadership advice I have been given: Be the example

Greatest professional achievement:  Passing the Architects Registration Exam was one of my greatest achievements, but the opening of my first project was one of the most memorable. It was such an amazing feeling seeing all the people who came to use our building and the awe that they had walking around. After working diligently on it for several years, nothing was more rewarding than seeing their appreciation.

Number of years with CREW: 2 years

Most significant CREW connection: I would say those on my committee and the volunteers I got to meet during the “Let Crew Take You to Work Day”. There are so many different careers that we interface with every day, but we don’t always take time to sit down and talk with them to truly know who they are and how they fit into their roles.

Place of birth/hometown: I grew up in Germantown, Wisconsin just outside of Milwaukee. Eventually making my way to Ball State University, Clemson University and Dallas, Texas before making my way back to the Carolinas!

Number of years in Charlotte: 2 years

Family: Husband Tyler, our 8-month-old daughter nicknamed Chickpea, and a spunky cat named Franklin!

My ideal vacation spot: Anywhere that is new and that I get to go with my family. I love traveling seeing new places and trying new foods!

Hobbies/Interests: We love to be outdoors in our family so we try to spend as much time as we can out hiking, kayaking, or camping. Additionally, I love making things. I currently make all-natural candles and balms (cosmetics). I also just got my first pottery wheel and have been having such a blast messing around with it. 

Other professional organizations I belong to: American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Feel free to include any additional information about yourself that you would like! I am also so excited to have been brought onto the Clemson Architectural Foundation Board of Trustees last year.


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