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Member Spotlight

Wendy Gibbons
Old Republic Nationa Title Insurance Company

Current job:  Vice President and Deputy Chief Underwriting Counsel of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Summary of your role in the company: I underwrite high liability and extra- hazardous risk title insurance transactions throughout the United States for the corporate legal department.

How I chose my occupation: I received my undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology from Indiana University and was either going to pursue organizational psychology or law and  I chose law school. My dad owned a real estate development company abd brokerage in Cincinnati and took me to the office with him growing up and it must have sunk in by osmosis.

As a result, I gravitated towards real estate law.

Years in the business: 29

My specialization is: Commercial endorsement coverage, multi-state, multi-site real estate portfolio transactions, development transactions involving mechanics lien coverage and transactions involving bankruptcy issues.

A good lead for me is: A contact calling me for advice or assistance in clearing title for their real estate transaction.

The most satisfying part of my job is: There is never a dull moment. Every week brings a novel issue that needs to be addressed. Title insurance also touches so many areas of the law that it keeps the day-to-day interesting and challenging. I love the opportunities I have in my current position to mentor, educate, and share the knowledge  I’ve accumulated over the years with other underwriting attorneys and title professionals that are newer to the industry.

Best leadership advice I have been given: Be authentic.  Be yourself and express gratitude. There is something that everyone brings to the table; everyone has their own “superpower” -specialized skills, knowledge or attributes that they bring to the table. Focus on lifting others up and what they are doing right instead of what they are doing wrong. If you are thinking a positive thought about someone, tell them. Feedback is information and not to be feared.

Greatest professional achievement: Being asked to assume leadership roles in professional organizations and at work. Seeing people I have mentored over the years grow in confidence and abilities and advance in their careers.

Most significant CREW connection: Sharon Fields at IndyCrew helped me get more involved in the sponsorship committee leading to the chair position. Patty Drummond has been instrumental in helping me get involved in CREW Charlotte since I moved to Charlotte six years ago.

Place of birth/hometown: Chicago. I grew up in a suburb north of Chicago.

Number of years in Charlotte: 6

Family: Husband  Phil who is an employment attorney in Charlotte, son Patrick, 25 who works as a  software engineer at  Duke Energy in Charlotte, daughter Megan, 29, who is a social worker for homeless young adults in Michigan, daughter  Katie l, 20, majoring in psychology and minoring in biology at North Carolina State. Three dogs and three cats.

My ideal vacation spot: Anywhere sunny, warm, and near the water

Hobbies/Interests: traveling, cooking, and training and showing my Portuguese Water Dogs in water, obedience, and barn hunt trials. My one-year-old Puppy Rain is my first foray into conformation ( think Westminster – maybe someday we will get there!)

Other professional organizations I belong to: Forms Committee member for the American Land Title Association, Fellow of American College of Mortgage Attorneys (vice-chair of title insurance committee) American Bankruptcy Institute, American, North Carolina, South Carolina and Indiana Bar Associations

I wish I could: Write a novel

Caitlin McCain
T.B. Harris Jr. & Associates

Current job:  Commercial Real Estate Appraiser


Summary of your role in the company: I provide commercial real estate valuation services, financial analyses, market studies, and highest and best use studies to commercial real estate owners, developers, local government officials, and financial clients.


How I chose my occupation: My Dad is also a Real Estate Appraiser. He was always encouraging me to look into being an Appraiser. After graduating college and exploring various careers in real estate, I was most attracted to appraisal work and the work/life balance in this field.


Years in the business: 8 (I got my license when I was 18 and would work for my Dad during Christmas and Summer breaks when I was in college).


My specialization is: Eminent Domain (Condemnation) Valuations


A good lead for me is: Brokers, Banks, Property Owners/Developers, Commercial Real Estate Attorneys


The most satisfying part of my job is: When you find the perfect comp for your subject!


Best leadership advice I have been given: Always show gratitude to the people you are working with


Greatest professional achievement: Obtaining my Certified General Appraisal License


Number of years with CREW: Three and a half years


Most significant CREW connection: Meeting Brokers who have been so helpful with finding comps, which can often be the most difficult part of appraising.


Place of birth/hometown: Salisbury, MD


Number of years in Charlotte: 4


Family: One older sister & the most adorable 6-month-old nephew


My ideal vacation spot: Anywhere in Europe


Hobbies/Interests: Tennis, Reading, & am a HUGE Bravo fan


Other professional organizations I belong to: ULI, NC Appraisal Institute


I wish I could: Travel more!


Diana Doan

Current job:  Civil Engineering Designer at McAdams

Summary of your role in the company: I produce the design and calculations for various types of site development and road improvements. The types of sites I work on include residential, commercial, mixed-used urban spaces, healthcare, energy, industrial, educational, civic spaces & water resources. Day-to-day tasks usually include site design and planning, site grading, utility design, stormwater design, water distribution modeling, E&SC design, road improvements, and coordination with outside architects, MEP’s, landscape architects, structural engineers, clients, and others. In addition to all of this, I help train younger designers in the design process.

How I chose my occupation: I always knew I wanted to be an engineer, but I did not decide on Civil Engineering until I went to Virginia Tech. I chose Civil because it is like the jack of all trades… You have to know certain things in other fields of engineering & architecture in order to perform your job successfully. I find myself learning new things everyday and no two projects are ever the same.

Years in the business: 3 years

My specialization is: Land Development

A good lead for me is: Developers, national home builders, landowners, brokers, & architects.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Being able to see my projects progress through construction and finally see the end product. Also, being a user of the product whether it is a home, a park, or a mixed-use development like Waverly. 

Best leadership advice I have been given:  Make sure you work in a good team environment with coworkers and a company that lift you up and bring you happiness. You will spend more time at work with coworkers than anyone else (even your family) so this can greatly affect many aspects of your life.

Greatest professional achievement:  Working on projects within my own neighborhood to bring a better quality of life to not only me but to others in my community too.

Number of years with CREW: 1.5 years, also 1.5 years on the professional development committee

Most significant CREW connection: Meeting others within my field whether it be developers or other engineers. It is rewarding to find out that other CREW members are also working hand in hand with me on the same projects.

Place of birth/hometown: Fairfax, VA

Number of years in Charlotte: 3 years

Family: My parents and a younger brother are back home in Northern VA, but down here in Charlotte it is just me.

My ideal vacation spot: San Diego, but really anywhere with a beautiful beach, delicious food, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, trying new restaurants (I’m a huge foodie), and playing lacrosse.

Other professional organizations I belong to: Virginia Tech Land Development Design Initiative, Virginia Tech Charlotte Alumni Chapter, and the Young Professionals Group Charlotte Lead (within McAdams)

I wish I could: Retire and then travel the world while trying different cuisines.

Feel free to include any additional information about yourself that you would like!: 

  • I have a road in Concord, NC named after me. I worked on a project called the Wayford at Concord which is a residential subdivision. If you google Doan Drive NW, it will pop up! It is one of the perks of my job- sometimes the client will let us name new roads whatever we want to.
  • I have planned & led two company trips so far to Nashville and Boston. Another one is on the way for 2021- this time to New Orleans!

Keely Edwards
Ratzlaff Construction

Current job:  Head of Business Development Ratzlaff Construction

Summary of your role in the company:  Develop new construction projects for Ratzlaff Construction and foster existing relationships within the construction and real estate community.

How I chose my occupation:  I started working for Adidas America in 1996.  My main goal was to work with and find new factories to produce our apparel lines.  It was a balancing act of representing Adidas to the factories and representing the factories to Adidas.  I had to act as a representative to both parties to make sure it was a productive relationship we were building.  When the opportunity to join the commercial construction industry was presented, I found that business development was the perfect blend of my skills and education.  I represent Ratzlaff Construction to my clients, and clients appreciate my fair mindedness towards our business and projects.

Years in the business: 2006 – Present

My specialization is:   Commercial projects (typically retail, healthcare, hospitality, office, small business, and manufacturing)

A good lead for me is:   Medical office building, medical office construction, general construction, building renovations, office construction, any commercial project.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Satisfied and happy clients at the end of a project and meaningful referrals.

Best leadership advice I have been given:  My father always taught me not to judge a book by its cover.  That has helped me work with clients and teammates of many backgrounds.   My husband has taught me gratitude.  Gratitude on a daily basis has kept me settled and focused.

Greatest professional achievement: I made it to 50!

Number of years with CREW: 4

Most significant CREW connection: Carrie Sharp – she is just a rockstar not much more to say!

Place of birth/hometown: Shelby, NC

Number of years in Charlotte:  20

Family: Chad Edwards – husband, Eloise Edwards – daughter, Sunny – labradoodle and Cookie – papillon

My ideal vacation spot:  Any place w/ clear blue water and warm weather!

Hobbies/Interests: I collect tabletop lighters… I love to travel, sit on the porch, walk the dogs, dining, peloton, cooking etc… the list is long… I am not an expert in anything but a participant in many things.

Other professional organizations I belong to: Dilworth Community Association Board, Covenant Presybyterian Church

I wish I could:Promote gratitude to everyone

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