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CREW Charlotte’s April 2022 Luncheon “Inclusive Design: Designing for Everyone”
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CREW Charlotte’s April 2022 Luncheon “Inclusive Design: Designing for Everyone”

CREW Charlotte’s April 2022 Luncheon “Inclusive Design: Designing for Everyone”

Submitted by Jaren Wells. Gensler

Gensler’s Inclusive Design Champion for the Northeast, Jennifer Ellis-Rosa’s presentation on Inclusive Design certainly opened our minds to what is truly Inclusive (the “I” in DEI). Jenn is a client engagement and workplace strategy specialist in the New Jersey office. There were great comments and conversation starters provided by the audience that will help us think differently, go beyond the Accessibility Code and ADA compliance, and will hopefully inspire and challenge your teams and organizations to be thinking of what is implemented in the built environment.

A general description of Inclusive Design was outlined as design for All People and creates environments that are healthier, safer, easier, more convenient, and more comfortable for Everyone. Questions such as “when did the minimum become acceptable” were asked. Inclusive Design + Universal Design = Good Design.

The eight core elements of Inclusive Design were discussed, which are based on research from the University of Buffalo Idea Center: Body Fit, Comfort, Awareness, Understanding, Wellness, Social Integration, Personalization, and Appropriateness. Examples of each were shown along with a discussion. The Design Goals exercise can be shared upon request.

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