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Old Places, New Spaces: The Redevelopment of the North Tryon Corridor
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Old Places, New Spaces: The Redevelopment of the North Tryon Corridor

Old Places, New Spaces: The Redevelopment of the North Tryon Corridor

On October 10, 2017, pioneers Matt Browder, Principal of Browder Group Real Estate and Jay Levell, co-founder of White Point Partners, held a lively discussion on their recent purchases of the 2205 N. Tryon building and Tompkins Hall.  They shared with us their initial vision, the challenges they faced, and the success they have had in activating the properties, both of which had long been vacant.

Specifically, Browder saw 2205 N. Tryon as an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. The 85,000 square feet of vacant buildings sits in the center of the proposed North Tryon Street one-way corridor plan. With all of the growth in Charlotte, Browder really saw this area of North Charlotte as the last frontier. As surrounding rents continue to increase, 2205 N. Tryon has been able to accommodate tenants at lower rates.

White Point Partners had a unique vision for Tompkins Hall. The project started with an idea to turn an old textile mill, built in the 1890’s, into a food hall with additional space for restaurants, retail, and office. The project, when complete, will include all of the original pine and hardwoods. The food hall will be approximately 20,000 square feet with 19 separate stalls for food vendors and a 10,000 square foot seating area and terrace. In addition to the original food hall, the project also includes another 83,000 square feet of creative office that has already been leased to Duke Energy. The access to the light rail and the major highways made this an ideal location. Duke Energy's "forward-thinking vision" matched the firms' intention of creating a center of collaboration and innovation at Tompkins Hall.

Both projects have taken existing buildings and created a new sense of place. Pure Intentions Coffee, located in the 2205 N. Tryon building, will be the host for our December Before Hours event. Come join us in supporting this new business venture and concept on December 7th.