Member Spotlights

Debra Eicher
Baker Audio Visual

Current job:  Business Development, Baker Audio Visual

Summary of your role in the company: Continuing development of the Charlotte Region, expanding our happy client base.

How I chose my occupation: Doors opened, I walked through them.

Years in the business: 4

My specialization is:   Opening new markets.

A good lead for me is:  Client relocations, renovations, ground up construction; clients building offices with open spaces, desires to collaborate, and a desire to facilitate communication and idea sharing with technology for presentations, and audio and video conferencing; clients building customer experience centers, theaters, showrooms, and social areas.

The most satisfying part of my job is: The creative part and problem solving; working with the client and trade partners (Architects, GCs, etc) on the solution and bringing the projects to realization.

Best leadership advice I have been given:  Be honest; it may not get you the immediate transaction, but will always pay back abundantly.

Greatest professional achievement:  I’m in sales. It’s always “yet to come."

Number of years with CREW: Just over a year (16 months)

Most significant CREW connection: Every one of you!

Place of birth/hometown: Long Island, NY is where I was born – I’ve moved a lot.  Charlotte is the closest thing I have to a hometown!

Number of years in Charlotte: 18

Family: Husband, Dan; married 25 years this May; (2) kids currently at NC State studying Polymer Chemistry (Needs Internship! J) and Architecture.

My ideal vacation spot: A remote beach or the mountains for relaxation with lots of family and kids; and 5 o’clock, anywhere.

Hobbies/Interests: Travel, Cooking; Nutrition; Anything creative including painting, drawing, decorating, landscaping.

I wish I could: Travel more.

Mellissa Oliver

Current job: Civil Engineer Designer at LandDesign

Summary of your role in the company: I work with a team of people who come together to help create places that matter. My role as a designer is to design, pull together and submit land development civil engineering plans to a given municipal, city, county or state for permitting.

How I chose my occupation: Originally I thought I wanted to pursue a career in architecture since I was always fascinated with the more creative side and always seemed to like any building or structure I came across. However STEM fields seemed to come naturally to me and I found civil engineering could be just as creative. I took an interest in land development once I learned what goes into it.

Years in the business: 4 years

My specialization is:   Land Development Civil Engineering

A good lead for me is:  A developer looking for Land Development services including any city permits.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Being able to walk mine and my team’s finished projects that were once only on paper and pointing out design details, as well as any hurdles we had to face getting to the finish line. The most satisfying part of my job is creating places that matter.

Best leadership advice I have been given: If you fall get back up. Everyone goes through some sort of hardship. Everyone make mistakes. It’s what we do next that always matters. I once read that if we always do our best then you can never fail.

Greatest professional achievement:  The greatest as of right now would have to be being asked to be Vice Chair for the Executive Board for ACE Mentors of Charlotte. Being able to give back some of what I’ve learned so far to our younger generation is something I love to do.

Number of years with CREW: 2 years.

Most significant CREW connection: The members of the CREW Charlotte Leadership team.

Place of birth/hometown: Place of birth is Chicago, Illinois but my home town would have to be Greensboro, NC. I moved to Greensboro when I was a toddler and was there until I came to Charlotte for college and my career.

Number of years in Charlotte: 8 years. 4 at UNC Charlotte and 4 in the professional world.

Family: I’m the youngest of 4. Most of my family is in North Carolina, some in Kentucky.

My ideal vacation spot: Lounging on a private beach off the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Being able to have my family and two dogs with me.

Hobbies/Interests: My interest are limitless. There’s probably not one thing I won’t try for a little while. What I find myself doing the most would be playing Tennis, going to Blackstone shooting range, reading self-improving books and being with my husband and two dogs Caesar and ET.

Other professional organizations I belong to: ACE (Architect, Construction & Engineering) Mentors of Charlotte. Pop-Up Produce Volunteer.

I wish I could: Slow down time. 

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