A Fresh Vision for Charlotte with Taiwo Jaiyeoba, Director of Planning, Design & Development, City of Charlotte

November 13, 2018

Submitted by Stacia Neugent, GreerWalker

Taiwo Jaiyeoba, the Director of Planning, Design & Development for the Ciity of Charlotte, spoke to CREW Charlotte members and guests on November 13th. Taiwo spoke about a fresh vision for Charlotte – the third fastest growing city in the United States as of 2017. He made sure to emphasize that fresh does not mean new. As a top destination for millennials and seniors alike, Charlotte already has a lot to offer.

Taiwo’s focus is on how we can integrate the best of what Charlotte already has with some new and exciting elements. One of the biggest areas of focus for the City of Charlotte is transit-oriented development. With over $2 billion dollars invested and 2.2 million square feet installed along the blue line, Charlotte has already been experiencing a lot of this growth.

Taiwo recognizes that growth can lead to displacement and he wants to ensure that affordable housing is a key component in the continued development of the city. He also wants to make sure that as the city continues to grow the needs of all constituents are met. He envisions growth that focuses on equity instead of equality – an approach of meeting people where they need to be met versus providing the same thing to all members of the community. Taiwo’s passion and excitement are contagious and served as a reminder that this is definitely a great place to live and it will only continue to get better.

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