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Sponsor Spotlights

DOD Office Interiors

DOD Office Interiors is on the cutting edge in providing custom workplace solutions to our client companies, servicing all commercial businesses.

DOD Office Interiors offers over 26 years of leadership and industry experience to every opportunity we have, to assist our clients to perform at their optimum level and support the way their work is being done.

We listen to our clients carefully in order to align their culture, brand and functionality objectives with each solution!  DOD Office Interiors fully engages each member, which will assist them in tapping into their discretionary energy and that will positively impact the bottom line of all organizations.

DOD Office Interiors has carefully selected the manufacturers that we represent to our client companies in order to provide a full suite of high-performance solution lines.  Each line rigorously exceeds the highest criteria for our client’s specific requirements; such as lead times, warrantee, fit / finish and the sustainability process of manufacturing in a green environment to help preserve our planet.

DOD Office Interiors is a member of the Facility Services Network (FSN), A nationwide best practices network.  Please visit FSN at www.FacilitiesServicesNet.com.  This allows us to execute in any state in USA with consistency to deliverables to the client.


Founded in 2010, Harker emerged as a premier upfit General Contractor in the Charlotte market. Their portfolio focuses on Class A office upfits including Corporate Headquarters for financial groups, institutional organizations and law firms. As well as mission critical facilities, corporate and institutional cafeterias, corporate office-building renovations and specialty projects such as building systems replacement.

The firm’s integrity has been established through dependable relationships and quality craftsmanship. Understanding that contractor selection is based on quantitative factors such as budget and schedule, Harker is confident that through open relationships where honest and transparent dialogue takes place, a more comprehensive analysis of these factors can be achieved. This comprehensive, relational approach cultivates an atmosphere where team members take pride in their work. Harker knows that when people take pride in their work and believe in what they are creating it will lead to a quality product that is inferior to no other.

A tangible example of Harker’s reputation is their collaborative approach to the construction process. Beginning at preconstruction Harker initiates collaboration by inviting designers, project mangers, superintendents and specialty tradesmen to advise in certain scenarios, leading to a thorough and highly detailed project summary. With this proactive attitude and informed foundation the project is able to evolve smoothly through the construction process, delivering a final product that meets the Clients expectations while mitigating unnecessary costs and delays.


Katten is an international law firm of more than 600 attorneys.  The Charlotte office is comprised of approximately 55 attorneys, and includes litigators, corporate attorneys, trust and estates attorneys, structured finance attorneys and commercial real estate attorneys.  The real estate group in Charlotte is the largest among Katten’s national real estate practice.  Their attorneys provide services among all types of commercial real estate transactions, including, without limitation, purchase and sale transactions, leases, debt financings, equity financings and other contractual matters.  Additionally, the litigation group in the Charlotte office represents clients with respect to various commercial real estate disputes.  While Katten is committed to working within the Charlotte community, they can also assist clients on matters nation and world-wide.


At Tarkett we help create great spaces. We are committed to delivering an easy customer experience by sharing our customers’ needs, offering our expertise and being obsessed with execution. We offer one of the largest portfolios of flooring and sports surface solutions, and we share with our customers our expertise in multiple market segments. We believe in “Doing Good. Together.” and we are committed to building a healthy, circular economy.



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