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NewDominion Bank Appoints Treasury Sales Officer & Commercial Real Estate Expert

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Marie McLucas
Thanks to Anthony Swainey and Cindy Wolfe with Bank of the Ozarks for providing financing for a project in Grand Gorge, NY today and to Wanda Townsend and Brian Koontz with Parker Poe who represented the bank in the loan closing.

Mentor Program


CREW Charlotte's mission is to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of its members. CREW Charlotte implements this by providing industry related programs, educational forums, leadership roles, philanthropic opportunities, and now, a mentor program. This 18 month mentor program aims to support aspiring CREW members as well as experts in the industry wanting to give back. CREW Charlotte will assign a CREW member called a Mentor Champion to monitor each relationship's progress and success. Each mentor and mentee relationship has the option to end or continue the relationship at the 18 month mark.


The model is basic - pairing both a mentee and seasoned real estate professional's unique capabilities, goals, and strengths with one another. CREW members are eligible for both mentor and mentee opportunities. In addition, the Mentor Program will recruit targeted non-CREW member leaders to mentor CREW member mentees seeking advancement.


Success in today's commercial real estate environment demands innovation and strategic thinking, balanced with action born from experience and hard work. Our members recognize that it takes skill to navigate a successful career in a profession where women are a visible minority. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful relationships that result in career and/or personal growth. Our goals include:

  • Increase member advancement & influence in the commercial real estate industry.
  • Serve as a catalyst to propel member professionals in commercial real estate.
  • Provide constructive feedback to support growth and success.
  • Increase leadership and career development skills of industry leaders and CREW members.



Who can apply?
As a CREW member, you can apply to become a mentor or a mentee. To participate as a mentee, you must be an active CREW Member and been in a commercial real estate field for at least two years. Non-CREW members will also serve as mentors to allow maximum pairing of unique mentee needs.

What is the time commitment?
The Mentor Program does require a time commitment of 18 months. During this time period, the mentor and mentee will set up a mutually agreed upon communication timeline. This timeline must reflect speaking at least once per month. Nine of these engagements must be in person.

How do I apply?
Click here to fill out your application.

What will I have to guide me through the process?
CREW Charlotte will provide each pairing with a Mentor Program Handbook. This will serve as a basis to establish an understanding of goals, expectations, mutual communication timeline, and background information about each person.

What will the Mentor Champion do?
This person will review the initial handbook to be sure all items are addressed. They will then meet with the mentor and mentee at the 9 month mark to review the relationship. She or he will also check in on each person periodically to receive feedback.

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Work, Love, Pray (CREW Member)

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