Leadership Program

CREW Charlotte and KPMG have partnered to develop a leadership program for CREW members and other professional women in our community.  Becoming an Authentic Leader will begin in January 2017 and conclude in October 2017. There are eight sessions and each focused on one of the ATHENA leadership principles and also draws from the experience of CREW Atlanta’s Leadership Program.  Applications will be accepted until September 9, 2016. Participants will be notified by September 15, 2016 and must commit and pay their nonrefundable deposit by October 15th. The Class will be announced at the ATHENA Awards in November and the CREW Charlotte Excellence Awards in December.

Please note that class size is limited.

For more information, please review our FAQs and our brochure.

To apply, please complete this application and time commitment form and email them to Patty Drummond.


Confirmed Speakers:

Heather Pacquette (KPMG)
Susanne Dixon (KPMG)
Vandana Allman (Womble Carlyle)
Eveline Shum (Advance Talent Consulting)
Becky Sansbury (Author, After the Shock: Getting You Back on the Road to Resiliency When Crisis Hits You Head On)
Suzanne Gaddis (Communication Doctor)
Shalanna Pirtle (Parker Poe)
Crystal Richardson (Equality NC)
Joan Eischen (Author, Energy and the City)
Dawn Chandler (Queens University)
Sheila Mullen, Innovation Accelerator
Laura Belcher (Habitat for Humanity) 

Live Authentically: Opening Retreat: Your Strengths and Your Vision 
Participants will learn about the ATHENA leadership model and the importance of cultivating a personal vision for their lives, while developing a deeper understanding of their own strengths based on Gallup’s StrengthsFinderTM assessment tool. This self-awareness forms the basis for cultivating an authentic leadership style while learning how your individual leadership strengths can be leveraged to help you realize your personal vision and maximize your leadership potential.

 Learn Constantly: Growth Through Change and Inner Resiliency 
This session will kick-off with a hands-on goal-setting session, including tips and tools for staying on track while continually staying open to learning and growth. In the afternoon session, we’ll discuss the importance of cultivating personal resiliency while providing strategies to help you navigate change and truly thrive.

 Act Courageously: Communicating Your Message
Becoming an authentic leader in your life requires the courage to stand in your own voice and learn how to effectively communicate your message. In this session, learn how to develop and refine your communication style in a way that is authentic, clear, effective and engaging to others.

Advocate Fiercely: Negotiating and Advocacy
Before we can lead others, we must first learn how to lead ourselves. Divided into three parts, this session will open with a discussion on the importance of advocating for yourself, including hands-on training, tools and tips for negotiating your best work-life balance.  In the second part of this session, participants will hear from business and community leaders who have learned to effectively negotiate and navigate their own careers, while advocating effectively for others.  

In the afternoon, we’ll delve deeper into the conversation, with an emphasis on standing up for others and for what’s right, touching on sensitive themes including workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and navigating ethical dilemmas in the workplace and beyond.

 Foster Collaboration: Diversity of Thought and Working With Teams
In today’s workforce, it is more imperative than ever that we learn to lead across culture, gender and the generations, while learning how to work collaboratively with others. Kicking off the discussion on diversity, we’ll hear from leaders who have effectively learned how to leverage diversity to create cohesive teams and some of the challenges and opportunities that come from working in today’s global workforce. Participants will also have an opportunity to engage in sensitivity exercises designed to help you become more conscious leaders, while learning to identify and overcome barriers that may exists in building diverse teams. 

Beyond culture, gender and the generations, the best teams are built by learning to recognize and leverage our individual strengths, tap into our inner creativity and navigate disruption, while staying aligned to the larger vision. In this session, you’ll hear from those who have learned how to leverage the creative process to build high-performance teams and organizations.

 Building Relationships: Beyond Mentoring
This session will open with a robust discussion on the power of personal and professional networking followed by a panel discussion on the importance of cultivating mentors, identifying role models, and creating a legacy of leadership by mentoring and supporting others on their own leadership journey. The session will wrap up with a robust panel discussion on why women in the workplace matter and how together we can effectively build the business case for more women in leadership positions.

Give Back: Community Involvement and Board Development
At its core, authentic leadership is about learning to leverage our individual and collective influence to serve others and create ripples of positive change. One of the ways in which we create that positive change is by giving back to our communities. In this session, participants will hear from those in Charlotte who are helping build a better community for all through their own leadership and community-based organizations. In the afternoon, we’ll hear from experts who will share their experience in what it takes to build an effective board and create a healthy culture that promotes sustainable change. 

Celebrate: Graduation and Awards
In this session, participants will have an opportunity to share what they have learned throughout the program, how they have grown in their own self-awareness and understanding of leadership, and how they have chosen to leverage their own authentic leadership style through their community-service projects that are required of every participant. We’ll wrap up with a celebration and awards program. 

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