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CREW Charlotte, Northeastern University, and KPMG are looking forward to our 2019 Leadership Program. Developed in partnership with Athena International, CREW’s Leadership Program focuses on helping professional women develop their authentic leadership style through an intensive program lead by Sharon Reed. At this time, our 2019 class has been selected and will begin the program in January, 2019. The next program will take place in January 2021. Information and applications for the 2021 program will be available summer 2020.

Based on the eight principles of the ATHENA Leadership Model, CREW Charlotte brings a unique leadership program to the Queen City. This powerful program has been tailored to the female leader of today, guiding her on a journey through self-discovery and arming her with the tools to achieve her full leadership potential. Here’s what you’ll experience in CREW’s Authentic Leadership Program.

NETWORKING: Network with some of Charlotte’s powerful female leaders and foster deep relationships with fellow classmates, adding to your own personal board of directors—a group of trusted peers you’ll continue to access and rely on throughout your leadership journey.

COURAGE: This program equips you with the tools and confidence to combat imposter syndrome, which can undermine and distract you from achieving your true leadership potential.

DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS: Based on Gallup’s StrengthsFinder™ assessment, this program teaches you how to understand and use your strengths to develop your authentic leadership style.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Learn about how your strengths can build a better community through involvement rooted in personal engagement. Discover various Charlotte initiatives focused on building a better community and how you can influence positive change.

About Sharon Reed, Program Director
Globally-minded and locally-focused, Sharon Reed is a strategist and storyteller. She is a speaker. facilitator, author, and advocate for living an authentic, values-aligned life -- advancing women and men in leadership worldwide. She is passionate about inspiring individual and collective change -- believing in the power of data, people, partnerships, and persuasive storytelling to maximize impact and growth. Weaving together 20+ years of experience working in the public, private, and consulting sectors, Sharon has been widely recognized for her service, advocacy and leadership work.  In 2016, Sharon received the ATHENA International® Women’s Leadership Award for Service (Charlotte, NC), the CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Charlotte Outreach Award, and was named by the Mecklenburg Times as one of 2016’s 50 Most Influential Women. Actively engaged in service at the local and global level, in 2011, Sharon also received the Distinguished Rotarian Award for her work in advancing global education and engagement, and was recognized in 2016 for her work on the award-winning United Nations - Empower Women campaign, #iamwoman, and resulting book, Voices of Change, introduced at the High Level Panel at the 2016 session of the Commission on the Status of Women.  Click here to learn more about Sharon. 

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Learn more about our program and what it meant for our 2017 participants by watching the videos below.

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