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Our members' accomplishments

Sallie Jarosz
A huge thank you to Ellen Smith of Parker Poe’s Atlanta office for helping me close two deals in Georgia and Alabama. We couldn’t have done it without you as we needed state law guidance. This exemplifies the power of the CREW Network!

Members Making Deals

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Carrie Sharp
Indoff Commercial Interiors
February 19, 2019
Thank you to Mary Katherine Cottrill and Ann-Fleming Powell of Trinity Partners for two more referrals to some of the clients. Thank you for your confidence in Indoff Commercial Interiors.
Amy Massey
February 14, 2019
Thank you to Ann Vano of Ann Vano Law Firm for a recent referral on a traffic-related issue. I appreciate your thinking of me!
Scott Bell
February 13, 2019
Thanks so much to Margaret Martin with Coldwell Banker|MECA for inviting me and Cabro to assist in their Office Relocation. I am proud to be part of CREW, and thankful to have met Margaret!
Robin Turner
O’Leary Group Waste Systems
February 7, 2019
Thanks to Dianne Jones with Development Advisors, O’Leary Group secured the waste & recycling contract with her client, Kessler, Inc. Dianne took the time to understand my prospect model and has been intentional to send leads my way. In the case of Kessler, Dianne made a warm introduction to my decision-maker. We advised Kessler along the way of their space needs for waste management equipment and when they were ready, they naturally turned to us for the solution. Dianne, I am in your debt!
Laura Huckaby
Old Republic Exchange
February 4, 2019
Long overdue, big THANK YOU to Lisa Gallimore for connecting me with an experienced paralegal who we hired and she is a wonderful addition to our 1031 exchange team!
Holly Alexander
New South Properties
January 30, 2019
Thank you Carrie Sharp for your referral. You are an amazing networker, very considerate, and set a great example for all of us!
Nancy Olah
Nancy Olah Law
January 29, 2019
Thank you to Randy Hopkins (Hopkins Review and Consulting, LLC) for introducing me to Vanessa Hall (Colliers International) who is doing an appraisal for my client on some Buncombe County property that will be donated to a non-profit. I also would like to thank Stacia Neugent (Greer Walker) and Bobbi Jo Lazarus (Elliott Davis) for providing some informal guidance on an issue with the non-profit, as well as Shawn McMillan (McMillan PLLC) who consulted with me on a drafting issue in the deed to the non-profit. I appreciate the help from each of you!
Carrie Sharp
Indoff Commercial Interiors
January 15, 2019
Thank you to Ann-Fleming Powell and Mary Katherine Cottrill of Trinity Partners for the warm introduction to their client in the new renovated 1515 Montford Building. It was our pleasure at Indoff Commercial Interiors to work with such nice people. Thank you for considering us for your referrals.
Nancy Olah
Nancy Olah Law
December 27, 2018
I’d like to thank CREW Austin member Jane Snoddy Smith (Norton Rose Fulbright) for asking me to serve as South Carolina local counsel on a commercial loan closing for her client’s property in Fort Mill.
David Rushing
All American Relocation
December 26, 2018
Thank you to Sloan Stryffeler with Edifice for some recent advice and opportunities!
Wendy Hill
December 21, 2018
HUGE thank you to Scarlet Powell with Unified Technologies for helping me in a very vital piece to making a HUGE deal happen at our new SPACES location at Trade & Tryon. She made herself available for everything the client needed and helping in making this happen. Thank you Scarlet!
Wendy Hill
December 21, 2018
Thank you to Ann Fleming-Powell for thinking of me recently for a client!
Keely Edwards
Ratzlaff Construction
December 13, 2018
Thank you Kelly Steele with Narmour Wright for inviting Ratzlaff Construction to bid a large office job in uptown! Ratzlaff Construction was the selected GC to renovate an 18,000 SF Building in uptown! Thank you Kelly Steele and Krista Karlson with Narmour Wright!
Nancy Olah
Nancy Olah Law
November 28, 2018
Thank you to Janeen Miller-Hogue (The Miller-Hogue Law Firm, PC), Shawn McMillan (McMillan PLLC), and Lori Keeton (The Law Offices of Lori Keeton) for each taking the time to help me think through a complicated drafting issue involving a Seller default clause in a Purchase and Sale Agreeement. The generosity of spirit they each displayed by sharing their knowledge and perspective made me more confident that the position we were advocating for as Seller was reasonable. One of the unsung benefits of being a CREW member is having access to knowledgeable colleagues who are willing to share their experience!
Rob Phillips
November 7, 2018
Thank you Carrie Sharp with Indoff for our coffee meeting to go over business development and getting the most out of my membership with CREW. I appreciated our conversation and your time.
Wendy Hill
October 24, 2018
I would like to thank Sloan Stryffeler with Edifice for thinking of me recently for business!
Barbara Briccotto
October 18, 2018
Thank you to Ann-Fleming Powell and her team at Trinity Partners for the referral to a new client in Huntersville. We were successful in securing this new full floor office tenant project!
Barbara Briccotto
October 18, 2018
Thank you to Carrie Sharp of Indoff for her referral for a new american headquarters project. We appreciate your support Carrie.
Barbara Briccotto
CREW Charlotte (personal company - INTEC Group)
October 18, 2018
Thank you to Sloan Stryffeler and her team at Edifice for recommending INTEC Group to a client in the Cornelius area. We are happy to be assisting them with their new headquarters space.
Carrie Sharp
Indoff Commercial Interiors
October 12, 2018
Thank you to Marie McLucas of Primax Properties for a recent order for one of her employees with a back problem. We were happy to ensure we found him just the right chair. Thanks for the opportunity Marie!

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